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Need to talk?

Call our 24h help desk.
01284 766133
We’re here to help


Referrals are processed by the Referrals Office (open 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday), and are accepted from any healthcare professional or from patients and families.

Download our referral form for adults which then can be emailed to or posted to St Nicholas Hospice Care (marked for the Referrals Office). If you are a healthcare professional, please use NHS secure mail to send information. Please do not use ordinary emails to send information.

If you are a patient or family member, please contact our First Contact team and we will help you through the process via 01284 766133 or use this online contact form.

If you wish to refer a young person to our bereavement service Nicky’s Way, please contact our Family Support team via 01284 766133.

How to access the service

We have an open referral system and can help people who need hospice care, support and advice. We generally work with people who: have an advanced, progressive life-shortening malignant or non-malignant disease have unresolved, unmet needs that may include any or all of the following:

Physical, psychosocial or spiritual distress
Difficult symptom issues
Need help with difficult decisions, planning, or conversations about managing end of life care
Need information
There is no minimum age. If our staff have expertise which is not available within other organisations and the patient/client seeks our intervention we will consider becoming involved.


Did you know you can self-refer to St Nicholas Hospice Care?

If you believe you or someone you know would benefit from the expertise at St Nicholas Hospice Care please ask your Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker to make a referral.

Alternatively, please contact us yourself by phone on 01284 766133 or by contacting our First Contact team using this form.

The process after Referral

We will contact the GP surgery by fax to inform the GP of the referral and to request medical information in the form of copies of letters and scan reports.

The Hospice First Contact team will then contact the healthcare professionals who are already involved where appropriate and also contact the patient/family/carer.

This will help us to ensure the patient’s first assessment is allocated to the appropriate hospice team and is carried out in a timely fashion according to need and priority. This first assessment may be undertaken at home or in a clinic setting at the Hospice depending on the situation. The First Contact service will also be able to signpost or refer on to other services where necessary.
Out of Hours Referrals

If you need to make an urgent referral outside of office hours then please contact Sylvan Ward direct on 01284 725700.

The Referrals Office can be contacted directly on 01284 715569.