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Creating a space where questions can be shared, discussed and considered is behind one of our Hospice’s educational courses.

For those with questions about death and dying having someone to talk to can often be invaluable – but how do you start those conversations?

This video explains GraveTalk in further detail and includes questions discussed during one of our sessions.

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At the Hospice a multidisciplinary team are helping to get people talking about these topics by facilitating GraveTalk. Led by representatives from our Chaplaincy Team, Education Team and Independent Living Team, the sessions last for an hour and 15 minutes and can be held at the Hospice, the Haverhill Hub or another community venue.

At the start of the session Sharon Connell, our Chaplain and Spiritual Care Co-ordinator explains: “GraveTalk is an opportunity for learning from one another in a safe environment where questions can be shared and discussed. We hope we have created a relaxed environment where people feel they are able to express themselves.”

Starting off in small groups, the conversation is helped along by conversation cards – 52 questions covering five key areas:

• Life
• Society
• Death
• Funerals
• Grief

The questions are there to get people thinking and to stimulate conversation, there are no right or wrong answers and the relaxed environment of the session means there is never any pressure to say anything you don’t want or feel able to. The cards are designed to start conversations. It doesn’t matter if a group only concentrates on one question or works their way through all of the cards – the purpose of GraveTalk is to talk and listen. Some of the questions included:

• Do we recover from grief?
• What would you like your lasting legacy to be?

GraveTalk was originally launched by the Church of England. It is designed for everyone, not just those facing the immediate prospect of death or who have a relative who is dying.

You don’t need to have a particular or any religious belief to attend.