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Creating a space where questions can be shared, discussed and considered is behind one of our Hospice’s educational courses.

For those with questions about death and dying having someone to talk to can often be invaluable – but how do you start those conversations?

This video explains GraveTalk in further detail and includes questions discussed during one of our sessions.

Discover upcoming Gravetalk taster sessions in Haverhill and Newmarket

GraveTalk is an opportunity for learning from one another in a safe environment where questions can be shared and discussed.

Have you thought about? In these five sessions we will journey together through interaction, listening and sharing thoughts.  In essence it is learning through exploring, experiences, thoughts and expectations. It is knowing ourselves to enable, equip and encourage others to have difficult conversations.

Over a five-week week block we will be looking in depth at Life, Death, Society, Funerals and Grief.  In the final session we will look how we can enable others to have these conversations.

What we will cover in each session:

Session 1 – Death – Looking at questions that will help us think and share with others about what death means to us. What are our experiences and its implications?

Session 2 – Funerals – Looking at questions such as what are the reasons for a funeral, what would my preferences be and what is essential? We will be joined by a funeral arranger.

Session 3 – Grief – Looking at those personal questions about our experience of grief and how would we speak to a friend.

Session 4 – Life and Society – Who and what is important to us as individuals and how does society frame our thoughts, needs and expectations.

Session 5 – Equip – Reflecting on the last four sessions and how we would explore, lead and provide in all aspects of our life.

These are free training sessions.