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Lottery winners

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Hospice Lottery winners

Here you can read the stories of some of the lucky winners who have benefited from becoming a member of the St Nic’s Lottery.
Mr Beedle
Mr and Mrs Beedle, Hospice Lottery winners

Mr Beedle became interested in supporting hospices 14 years ago when his mother was dying of lung cancer and was being cared for in her local one, in West Yorkshire.

For the last three days, he stayed in his mother’s room with her and personally experienced the quality of care and the kindness from all staff involved, which moved him to want to support the hospice movement, no matter where he lived.

Mr Beedle is a music lover and sings/plays guitar. He decided to offer his talents and time to various tea clubs and over 60’s clubs in and around the Lavenham/Sudbury area, and donates the money raised to St Nic’s.

His dedication to us speaks volumes and grew even more when he found out just how much money is required to run our Hospice and services every day.

His win on the Winter Raffle 2018 was a lovely surprise and very welcome, as he has been treated for cancer himself and was in the middle of building a relaxing area for him and his wife in their garden. They are thrilled to put the money towards the gazebo that they will sit under, whilst taking time out and sharing quality time together.

He urges anyone to find out more about the work of hospices and St Nic’s in particular, as the work done is ‘breath-taking’ and needs as much support as can be given.

Mr Sturgeon
Mr Sturgeon, a St Nic's Lottery winner

Mr Sturgeon has supported us over the past eight years, ever since his wife was cared for by us.

To begin with she was at home, but Mr Sturgeon said this stressed him out quite a lot and it helped a great deal when she was moved onto the Sylvan Ward, here at the Hospice, so they could spend more quality time together and he could rest assured that she was being cared for and was in the best hands, for the 10 days she was here.

Mr Sturgeon was a farmer before he retired, and now lives at home in Whepstead and has three acres of garden to keep him occupied. Most is garden with flowers and a small area for vegetables, but they ‘take up too much time’!

The win was a very pleasant surprise, and has gone into his bank account, but his eight grandchildren will benefit from it, he is sure, and it’s also very nice to know it is there should he want to buy something that he might not have purchased before.

He encourages anyone to support the Hospice in any way they can, as it is here for all of us should we need the care and excellent services offered.

Mrs Slann

When I opened the envelope I thought – ‘Hey, £10’. Then I looked again, and again at the number of zeros following the 1. Momentary disbelief – then joy, what a surprise. I am thrilled.

I joined the Lottery because it caters for the local area. I have heard of nothing but praise for the Hospice from those families who have had occasion to use the wonderful facilities available and am happy to continue to support the cause.

As yet, I have no idea how it (my winnings) will be spent, but this year my husband has celebrated his 80th birthday, and our son his 50th, so it could well be used for a family celebration.