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Your Experience survey

If you have used our Hospice's services, please consider taking some time to inform us of your experience.

Stella – shop volunteer

How did you get involved at the Hospice shop?

I always got my books from this shop rather than getting them from the library so as I could help in some way. Each time I came to buy books I’d always have a bit of a rearrange and one time the manager, Lin, was saying that she was very busy and needed more volunteers. So I do Saturday mornings and sometimes cover other people if they can’t make it.

Why do you volunteer for the Hospice?

A month after I retired, I was bored and needed to fill my time up. It’s a great charity to work for because you never know when you might need the Hospice.

What do you do at the shop?

I rearrange the books, keep the shelves stocked, work behind the till and lend a hand to anyone that needs it. It’s nice to feel as though I am truly helping.

Why do you enjoy it?

It’s completely out of my comfort zone, but soon enough I was getting really stuck in and doing things I’d never imagine I could do. Chatting with customers is very rewarding and you get a real mix of people with different needs coming in. It’s great to be of use.

Why would you recommend volunteering?

It broadens your outlook and personally it keeps me up to date and fit. I think there’s a human need to help other people and this fills that need. It’s great to be mixed with the younger and older volunteers; we all learn from each other.

What do you get out of it?

Satisfaction. I know I’m still a youthful member of society.