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St Nicholas Hospice Care retail volunteering fred

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Fred – shop volunteer

How did you get involved at the Hospice shop?

I’m Lin’s (shop manager) other half so I originally just dropped her off and picked her up, but I gradually started coming in and helping out. I don’t have any formal hours, I just come in when I can and help out with odd jobs. There’s always something to do, it’s a busy environment.

Why did you choose to volunteer for the Hospice?

I have time on my hands now I’m semi-retired, and it’s so much better than sitting at home by myself. It’s nice knowing that you’re doing something good and it doesn’t even feel like work – it’s 90% fun.

What do you do at the shop?

I come in daily as there’s always something to be done. I help carry heavy things that others can’t manage and fill in where people need help. The great thing about volunteering here is that you don’t do the same thing each time; there are always new and interesting things to be done.

Why do you enjoy it?

It’s a pleasure, the general ambience is great. I work with really friendly people, everyone is happy and there’s always a lot of laughter. It’s great for meeting new people and the volunteers here are so happy for anyone to come and join in, it’s not closed off in any way.

Why would you recommend volunteering?

For the simple pleasure of doing something to help other people, and being around fun people. It never feels like work.

What else do you do?

I am also a private taxi driver for schools, so I have a lot of free time during the holidays, but even during term time I come in to the shop most days.