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Jasmine – Volunteer Carer

Seventeen year-old Jasmine started volunteering at the Hospice in November 2016. Since then she has been giving her time to us two days every week after being motivated to do so for a number of reasons. She wanted to gain more experience before she takes the first steps in her nursing career and she was also motivated by a personal connection, as her dad’s best friend was cared for by the Hospice before his death.

As a volunteer carer on the ward Jasmine has gained a range of new experiences, all of which she says will help her when she starts her nursing qualification at Anglia Ruskin University in September.

“I have learnt so much at the Hospice that will help me in the future and going into nursing I feel so much better prepared. When I started I never imagined that I would have been given the opportunities I have been, at 17 this really has been a great opportunity for me.

“I have learnt about a range of different diseases and medications and being able to talk to patients and their families has helped me improve my communication skills as well as giving me a greater understanding.

“I just love coming into the Hospice. Every time I come in I look forward to my shift, the Hospice is such a lovely place and everyone I work with has such a positive attitude.”

During a shift Jasmine can have a whole variety of jobs to do, but they mostly centre around caring for our patients and making sure they are comfortable.

“There are so many things I have enjoyed so far but for me the most important things are probably those that have made a difference to the patients, for me that’s what it is all about. Sometimes it can be hard emotionally, especially when you speak to families but I have definitely grown stronger emotionally.”