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Ken’s garden

Have you ever wondered why we have gardens? Have you ever thought that for every plant you put in your garden there is at least one pest or disease that is trying to do it harm?

Constant vigilance is the order of the day. We all have to be ready with our noxious potions or bird scarers or magic powders to defend out horticultural treasures! How much time do we actually take in just relaxing in our gardens? Could we try loving our weeds a little and not see them as our arch enemies? I wonder, is there is a country somewhere that considers dandelions as exotic and to be prized? Presumably there must be a country in the world that considers the dahlia to be a pest and a weed!

And can anybody answer me truthfully and say that they spend as much time in relaxing and enjoying their garden as they do in digging planting, weeding, pruning, hoeing, composting, deadheading and watering?

Please don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy my garden with all its problems and challenges, but I also acknowledge that it is so easy to get the balance wrong and not to spend enough time simply being in the garden. It is simply that when I survey the shelves in a garden centre there is such a vast array of potions and remedies for problems with the garden. It is quite overwhelming. I propose a ‘Laziness Crusade.’

In this crusade at least one day each week is declared to be a compulsory ‘Guilt Free Day’ (GFD if you prefer!) in which all gardening is banned and everyone who has a garden is encouraged to buy a sticky bun from the bakers (They could be tax deductible.) and goes out armed with bun and cuppa to do absolutely nothing except relax and listen to birds, watch butterflies, hum a tune, read a book, count their fingers  and ‘do’ nothing – just ‘be.’ Imagine how much stress would be avoided! How many heart attacks would not happen? How much lovelier and kinder relationships would be!

This could be extended of course. What about a street ‘GFD’? Everyone comes to one garden to do nothing. The host provides nothing except space and a welcome. (Perhaps a pack of cards for a cutthroat game of Snap. On condition that nobody raises their blood pressure!) Of course mobile phones would be impounded at the entrance and returned on departure.

Perhaps it could be considered on that day that to be lazy is an art form and is compulsory and anyone who talks about a weed or gardening problem is gently booed and threatened with thought training. Laziness police would be on duty and any money from fines imposed would go directly to the Hospice.

Join me in the Laziness Crusade. (If you can find the time and energy!)

Remember the Crusade Motto;_

A day – Away

From stress – No less!