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Jane and Alan’s garden

We showed our front garden for the first time last year, we were garden No 30.

These first shots are of parts of the back garden and the lead up to the veg plot. We had new grass laid in March so the back is still a work in progress.

These pictures are of the front garden as of 20 June. I didn’t include any of the woodwalk as it was not an overly bright day and there is more to do in there. Maybe later on!

Here is part two of our blog as promised.

This time we had a little sunshine so here is 69, yes, 69 photos of our complete garden. I’ve included a bit of the wood walk and the veg and flower growing area behind the rear garden.

Our plot is quite large as all the houses built in the 50’s had larger gardens and is an inverted P shape with the house (a semi-detached), in the bulbus bit. In the growing area we have two fruit cages, fourteen metre square veg beds, eight flower beds and three greenhouses.

Jane and I have lived here for some 22 years now. Many of the trees, etc. are legacy plants from being put in by Mr Dorling. He was the original tenant from when the house was built in the fifties and a founder member of the Thetford Horticultural Society. It’s quite possible that our bramley apple is anything up to 60 years old and the mature gooseberry bush I discovered some 20 years ago at the top of the garden has just produced four and a half pounds of fruit.

We have always supported the Hospice where we can and to open our front garden last year was nice for us to do something more.

Here’s looking forward to next year!

The wood walk

The front garden

The back garden

The lead up into the veg area