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Supporter shares good fortune with Hospice

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Supporter shares good fortune with Hospice

A kind gesture and a stroke of luck led one man to donate hundreds of pounds to the Hospice.

Brian Watson, who lives in Thetford, made a special donation when he visited the charity’s Bury St Edmunds Hospice earlier this month.

Asking to speak to one of the charity’s community fundraisers Miranda McCoy, Brian then proceeded to hand over a cheque for £400, which had a story of its own behind it.

Brian said: “The day after Boxing Day a Christmas card arrived and inside it was a letter from a family friend. She explained that my father, who had died 12 years ago, kindly gifted her some money, and she had always wanted to return it when she was able to do so.”

Brian’s father George had kindly gifted £200, which allowed the friend, who now lives in Switzerland, to buy her first digital camera, which is still in perfect working order.

“Although in the letter she makes it clear she didn’t want to accept the money, she says she only did so because my father insisted and said he was going to send the cheque anyway,” added Brain.

Later that day Brian decided to buy a scratch card, and it seemed luck was on his side as he won a number of small prizes, which amounted to a further £200.

Brian said: “I decided that I wanted the money to go to the Hospice. My mother-in-law was cared for by the Hospice so it was my way of being able to give something back. To say thank you for what they did for her.”

Miranda McCoy, a Hospice Community Fundraiser, said: “It was lovely to welcome Brian to the Hospice.

“When he told me the story behind his donation I was very touched not only by his friend’s determination to return the original £200 Brian’s father had kindly gifted her, but also his generous decision to re-gift the funds, plus the further £200 he had won on the lottery to the Hospice.

“Thank you to all for your kindness and support.”