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Janet shares her Skydive Day experience

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Janet shares her Skydive Day experience

St Nic’s volunteer Janet Groom is always willing to lend a hand at events and fundraisers, but last July, she decided she’d take on a different sort of challenge to raise funds for the charity and signed up for our Skydive Day.

Janet hopes her sky-high experiences will encourage others to take their leap of faith and sign up for 2021’s Skydive Day on Sunday, 18 July, at UK Parachuting in Beccles.

Janet explains: “I suppose it began with an idea from my grandson. He’s recovered from cancer, and I had cancer years ago. He suggested to celebrate that we should go to the Orbit in London. I told him that I didn’t really think that was my thing and that I’d rather jump out of a plane.

“He went to London with his cousins and did the Orbit, which they loved, we were lucky enough to go on a cruise, which we loved, but when we came back, I just still had the thought that I could still do a skydive. Why not.

“When myself and my husband volunteer for Girls Night Out, we’re known for giving high fives to walkers, so I decided my skydive this would take the highest high five of my life for the Hospice.

“I really can’t explain how glad I am that I did it. It was just awesome. It was such an experience. I enjoyed it so much.

“Even though restrictions were in place, my family could all come and watch me do it, they really were part of it, and I did feel their pride as I landed, and with everything else going on, it was great to be able to do something.

“I felt completely safe the whole time, everything was as it needed to be, and I just had so much confidence in the instructors and the person I was attached too. They did the hard work, and I could just enjoy the experience.

“Since my skydive, I’ve celebrated my 70th birthday, so age really isn’t a barrier. My advice to anybody would be to do it, do it and enjoy it.”

You can find out more about this year’s Skydive Day and how to sign up by clicking here.