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St Nic’s signs up to Digital Ethics Charter

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St Nic’s signs up to Digital Ethics Charter

As an organisation, St Nicholas Hospice Care has signed up to the Digital Ethics Charter, a common set of principles that those like us working with technology or data for public use can adhere to.

The charter is an ethical pledge that reinforces that we as an organisation are committed to supporting the rights of the people and communities we serve and the rights of the organisations we work with. 

By signing up, we have said that we will meet specific criteria for our use of digital technology and data. 

As an organisation that works with data, by signing up to the charter, we have pledged that as St Nic’s, we will: 

1. Always use data and digital technology to benefit the health and wellbeing and the rights of the people and families in the population I serve.

2. Be honest and open, ensuring people and organisations know what data I am holding about them, how, and why, to protect their confidentiality, in accordance with data protection legislation and good practice. I will protect the security of people’s and organisations’ sensitive data.

3. Draw on and share existing tools and best practice when developing innovations in data and digital technology.

4. Ensure that when I select, analyse or report on data, it is done in a fair, non-judgemental and non-discriminatory way. I will promote equality and positive relationships in accordance with the Equality Act.

5. Ensure that where I am involved in developing or operating data models or digital technology, I will identify and report any potentially harmful impact on the people or communities I serve.

6. Contribute to the integration of health and care systems. I recognise the importance of data in helping agencies to work together to share information safely to identify need, target resources, and monitor effectiveness, both now and when predicting future demand.

7. Collaborate with colleagues, partner organisations, people and communities to promote ways for data and digital technologies to improve people’s health and wellbeing. I will overcome silo working to achieve true partnership working.

8. Continue to develop my own skills, and the skills of others, to enable me to be as effective as possible in improving the health and wellbeing of the population.

9. Disclose any conflicts of interest or barriers that may affect my professional integrity or objectivity.

10. Attend to my own health and wellbeing, and seek support with any challenges within my work, to ensure that I am an effective professional.

So far (July 2022), a total of 282 individuals and 16 organisations have signed up, with St Nic’s being the first hospice to do so.