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Call our 24/7 advice line for health care professionals and families if you need support with symptom management and end of life care - 01284 766133.

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If you have used our Hospice's services, please consider taking some time to inform us of your experience.

Order raffle tickets

Many thanks for your enquiry to run a Raffle in aid of the Hospice. Depending on the type of Raffle you wish to run we have listed below the three main pieces of information you will need to know regarding Gambling Commission rules and regulations:

1. A one-day event – Please use cloakroom tickets, which must all be sold at the same price per ticket and the winner must be drawn at the event

2. A longer event with a raffle running over a number of days or weeks – Please use this form to fill in the details below so that we can supply you with pre-printed Raffle Tickets which will comply with Gambling Commission regulations.

3. Age implications for Raffles – Please remember that no-one under the age of 16 is allowed to Pay OR Play (or Sell); remember this in the selling of your tickets and where you promote your Raffle.

What happens after completing your raffle tickets order?

Your completed form is returned to and processed by the Hospice’s Lottery team. Once allocated, your ticket books will be delivered by post or collected.

Please take note of this important point: You must validate the tickets by sticking labels to every ticket you intend to sell, these are supplied by us, and will be attached to the first book. Please only stick them on as you need them, so as not to waste the books in case they are not sold.

The ‘Raffle Pack’ will be sent out within a day or so to you (or collected if arranged) and it will contain:

  • A Raffle introduction letter – please make sure to sign and return this to us either by email or post (
  • End of Raffle Returns form
  • Raffle Books as requested
  • Spare sheets of Labels as required
  • A self addressed envelope.

Please send all items back to the Hospice in the self addressed envelope, it needs to contain:

  • All sold ticket stubs
  • Monies for tickets sold (Obviously no cash sent through post please)
  • Any donations
  • All unsold tickets/books
  • End of Raffle Returns Form.

St Nicholas Hospice (Suffolk) is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission, under account number 5004.

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  • Only with ongoing support can we continue to help those faced with dying, death and grief. Therefore, staying in touch with supporters like you is vitally important.

    As a supporter, you may receive telephone contact and post regarding news, events, and fundraising from us, so you can hear how your support makes a difference and learn of other ways to get involved.

    However, our communication should never feel excessive, so if you’d like to amend how we contact you, please visit our website or speak with our Supporter Care team by phoning 01284 715566.

    In addition to telephone and post, if you’d like to opt-in to receiving email and SMS for news, events and fundraising, please tick to confirm below.

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