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Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Lottery Team at St Nic’s?

The Lottery Team can be contacted by either emailing: or by calling: 01284 715566. You can also write to them, at Lottery Dept, St Nicholas Hospice Care, St Nicholas Way, Hardwick Lane, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2QY.

Normal working hours are between 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. Please bear in mind the current situation and the fact that post may take an extra day or two to reach a member of the team, but we will assist you as swiftly as possible, as soon as your communication is received.

I don’t know what my Membership Number or Game Number is. How can I find out?

By calling 01284 715566 or emailing:, you can request copies of both and we will send them to the address we have on record.

I have moved address. How do I update it so I don’t miss out on any prizes?

It is of paramount importance that your home address (and name) is kept up-to-date with the Lottery Team. Please call: 01284 715566 to give your new details, or email: and give both your old address and your new address, so we update the correct record. You can also update your address online by clicking here

What do I do if I change the bank account for my Lottery subscription?

You will need to inform the Lottery Team as soon as possible and give your new bank details to them. They can then make sure that the Direct Debit for your Lottery subscriptions, are updated. Please call: 01284 715566 and ask to update your bank details. You can email us with the details if you prefer: Please make sure to provide your Membership Number, your name and postcode, along with a contact phone number, so we can call you if we have any queries.

Where does my £1 a chance go?

The Lottery is completely self-funded and so the income covers prizes and expenses, and the remainder goes directly to St Nicholas Hospice Care. This means that between 55p – 65p (on average) of your £1 goes directly into the Hospice funds.

What is the Lottery + Donation payment option?

We run a Lottery+Donation subscription payment option, which means you can either round up your Lottery subscription to a set amount or simply add your own amount on top of the Lottery payment, each time you pay. Eg: £4.34 + 66p =£5.00 or £13 + £12 = £25. This means that we have on average £10-15,000 every year, go to the funding of the Hospice in addition to the regular Lottery subscriptions. Anyone can choose to add a donation, simply send it in at the time of paying a cheque or set your chosen amount when you initially set up your Direct Debit. Please call:01284 715566 if you would like to discuss this option or amend a current amount paid.

NOTE: If you add a donation to your Lottery subscription, please remember that we can claim Gift Aid on this donation amount, so if you are a tax payer, please request a Gift Aid declaration form and we will send you one to be completed.

Who pays for the prizes?

The prizes for each week’s Lottery draw are paid for out of the income from the Lottery. This means that each week £1800 is placed in a Lottery Prize Account, from the Lottery income and the prize cheques are issued from that account. The £250 from the 2nd prize, which is a rollover will sit in the prize account, accumulating until either it is won or it reaches the maximum prize, which is £10,000, then it will definitely be won and be paid out in the normal way, by issue of a prize cheque.
This system means that no funds are taken away from any other Hospice income and that the Lottery is self-funded, regulated and compliant with all Gambling Commission legislation.

What are my odds of winning a prize?

As this Lottery is a local, community Lottery the odds are far better than most, larger Lottery’s. At present, there are between 7,500-8,000 chances (on average) played in each weekly draw, so if you have one chance per draw, then your odds of winning are approx. 1 in 190.

Are there many expenses involved in running the Lottery?

There are few expenses involved in running a large society Lottery, but most are admin, staff wages and prizes. Our Hospice Lottery is self-funded and so we have a high percentage of profit go directly to the Hospice.

How many Lottery chances can I have?

We usually state no more than 10 chances per member, but if someone requests more, we are obliged to speak with them and ascertain that no concerns are founded, regarding responsible gambling and/or money laundering. This forms part of our remit as gambling licence holders to make sure that our Lottery is run responsibly, compliantly and with care for members and Hospice alike.

Where can I find the Lottery Terms & Conditions?

The Lottery Terms & Conditions are available both online by clicking here and also on the reverse of the Lottery New Member Letter.