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Running a raffle

Running a raffle is a fantastic way to raise funds for the Hospice. You can get as many or as few people involved to help you, and a real community feel can be achieved as a result of working together in this way.

Here are some tips to help you organise your Raffle:

  • Contact us first to let us know you are running a Raffle in aid of the Hospice – 01284 715566
  • Request raffle tickets online
  • Source prizes – We can provide you with a validation letter if required to reassure businesses you approach for prizes, that your Raffle is legal and a real event
  • Approach local businesses, especially if they are connected to your event in any way, for prizes – there is usually an agreement that those who have donated will be publicised as being supporters of the event by you
  • Decide on when the winning tickets will be drawn and make sure that this date is stated on all publicity materials – printed or online
  • Choose the biggest and best prize you have sourced, to help promote the Raffle, as it can be a great incentive for people to buy a ticket or two, as well as wanting to support the cause itself
  • Research as much about running a Raffle as possible, as there are a few definitive No No’s that you need to be aware of
  • If you have any concerns, questions or queries, please contact us on 01284 715566 or email us at:


Important considerations before deciding on how you will run your raffle

  • An event with set dates – from and to – Cloakroom tickets can be sold here, as long as they are only sold within the time-frame of the event. (If you want to sell tickets for a few weeks ahead of event, please see below). The pricing of the cloakroom tickets has now changed to non-restricted. Ie: You can sell 50p each or 5 for £2.00. Also, the draw can now be made after the event, but must be within a couple of days – this date  MUST be stated on all promotional posters, online, etc.  There is now no age restriction on selling tickets to under 16 years old too.
  • A longer event with a raffle running over a number of days or weeks – Please use the Raffle request form, so that we can supply you with pre-printed raffle tickets which will comply with Gambling Commission regulations.
  • You MUST be OVER 16 to pay, play or sell raffle tickets – bear this in mind for where and how you want to sell your tickets.
  • Raffles are ideal for fetes, balls, large groups or fundraising events organised by businesses or associations who can spread the word wide and promote across social media.

What happens after you request raffle tickets?

Complete the Raffle Pack request form – as above

Completed form returned

Your request is handled and processed by the Hospice’s Lottery team.

Number of Raffle Books/Tickets allocated by Lottery team

These will be delivered by post or can be arranged to be collected.

Important! We will supply labels to validate the tickets you sell

There will be labels supplied, which MUST be stuck to EVERY Raffle Ticket you intend to sell, these will be attached to the first book.

We ask you to attach them as and when you need them, so as not to waste the books in case they are not sold

The ‘Raffle Pack’ will be sent out within a day or so to you (or collected if arranged) and it will contain:

  • A Raffle introduction letter – please make sure to sign and return this to us either by email or post (
  • End of Raffle Returns form
  • Raffle Books as requested
  • Spare sheets of Labels as required
  • A self addressed envelope

Please send all items back to the Hospice in the self addressed envelope, it needs to contain:

  • All sold ticket stubs
  • Monies for tickets sold (Obviously no cash sent through post please)
  • Any donations
  • All unsold tickets/books
  • End of Raffle Returns Form

Thank you so much for wanting to raise funds and show support for St Nicholas Hospice Care. We will be in touch as soon as your completed form is submitted.

If you need any further information or would like to discuss you Raffle event further, please call on 01284 715566.

Thank you so much for wanting to support the Hospice and have FUN!