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Secure the future of care for people facing dying, death and grief. Become a Hospice Guardian today.

Hospice Guardians are a group of compassionate supporters who donate regularly to ensure our services are here for anyone in the local community in need.


Facing the complexities of dying, death, and grief can be an immensely challenging and often painful journey for all involved.

Hospice Guardians believe it’s a journey that none of us should have to face alone.

With the support of our Hospice Guardians, our teams strive to give people the best quality of life possible, despite their illnesses.

This might mean managing pain and other symptoms in a patient’s home or on our inpatient ward; giving personal care; providing physiotherapy to keep someone mobile; offering counselling; or helping them to make special memories with loved ones.

We believe hospice care isn’t just about dying; it’s about living as well as possible, right to the end.

Delivering our services costs around £22,000 a day each year. While we receive some statutory funding, this only covers around 20% of our costs.

This means our ability to continue offering care and support to local people is reliant on the generosity of supporters like you.


Mike and Linda's story

We began supporting Mike and Linda when the complex comorbidities Mike had lived with for several years worsened and life became more challenging for them both.

Linda said: “I knew life would never be the same, and Mike needed a lot of backup. … for myself, I needed someone I could reach out to as and when – and the Hospice has been there.”

Our nurses visit Mike regularly at home, have helped install a ramp to make life easier, and are always at the end of the phone when Linda needs them.

“Mike has been very happy with the staff that have come out to see him. It has been seamless, really… It gives you a sense of feeling that you are not alone. That you can just pick up the phone… and there is always somebody there.

It’s transformed my life as well as Mike’s.”

As well as supporting Mike and Linda with Mike’s care at home, our nursing team help to ensure they can enjoy quality time together. The picture above was taken on a special day out to Shotley Marina, made possible by Mike’s nursing team.

On the day, Linda said: “We can’t thank the Hospice charity enough. They have enabled us to be here (in Shotley), our favourite place on a beautiful day, and it’s made a vast difference to us.

“Mike has literally been housebound for three weeks; for two weeks, he’s been in bed. Occasionally I’ve been able to get him into a wheelchair.”

Enabling special moments like this can make a huge different to the mental and physical health of the patient and their loved-ones too.

By becoming a Hospice Guardian today, you can help ensure specialist support is readily available for people like Mike and Linda when they need it.

John, Jo and Maddie's story

When John was diagnosed with lung cancer he and his wife Jo were told it was stage four.

When John’s pain became too difficult to control, a hospital doctor recommend contacting the Hospice. Soon after, John, Jo and their young daughter, Maddie, joined us on our ward.

Jo remembers: “The minute we walked through the door we were overwhelmed with a sense of peace and comfort. It’s such a happy, friendly place. We walked in and it was like we were at home.

Before he moved to the Hospice, I had been his nurse. I had done everything. I don’t think I had realised just how much time that had taken from us, how much time together we had lost.

I’ll never forget him turning to me when he was in the Hospice and saying, “you can be my wife now, not my nurse”. As well as so, so much else, that’s what the Hospice gave me – the chance to be a wife again. They gave us the gift of time together and we soaked it up.

We were able to spend time with our three-year-old daughter Madeleine as a family. Maddie loved being at the Hospice, as well as looking after her Dad; the staff looked after us all.

When he did pass, I’d always expected it would be dramatic, but it wasn’t, it was beautiful, it couldn’t have been more perfect if he’d have written it himself.

The last thing he said to me was that he loved me, one of the nurses put his arm around me and he passed, it was beautiful.

I always say that the Hospice staff and volunteers are angels, to me they always will be, for those precious few weeks they gave me my husband back, and they gave our daughter her Daddy. I will be forever grateful.”


Our incredible Hospice Guardians pledge to give £2,000 a year to help provide security and sustainability for our services.

As a Guardian you will: 

  • know that you are helping people the toughest of times
  • receive news and updates about the impact your donations make
  • have the opportunity to visit the Hospice and meet our teams
  • be invited to special events
  • connect with other like-minded compassionate people

How it works

We ask every Guardian to pledge to give £2,000 a year or more for a minimum of three years.

If possible, we claim Gift Aid on your donations from HMRC, increasing the value by 25p for every £1.

Donations and Gift Aid from all Guardians are combined in a ring-fenced fund for maximum impact.

Each year, the Hospice Guardians Fund supports a specific project, service or area of need.

You can pledge to give annually by cheque or card, or you can set up a monthly, quarterly, or annual Direct Debit.

To join, simply download, complete and return our pledge form or contact us on 01284 715566.


Download and complete the form today.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please contact our Philanthropy Officer, Miranda McCoy, to discuss.

Direct dial: 01284 715566