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10K run terms and conditions

The St Nicholas Hospice Care 10K Run is a partner event with Nice Work, who are providing timing and/or race management services for their event. St Nicholas Hospice Care is the Event organiser.

St Nicholas Hospice Care Terms and Conditions

1.0  Deferrals

If you cannot make the St Nicholas Hospice Care 10k Run, there are a number of options available, such as deferral or transfer.

1.1 You may defer your entry up to 10:00, 48 hours before the race.

1.2 You are not limited to the number of deferrals you can make.

1.3 Each deferral will incur a £5 charge.

1.4 You can defer your entry to the following year’s race.

1.6 You can manage your own deferral online. All you need is your original booking confirmation to make changes.

1.7 If you have any further questions, or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Nice Work Team on

2.0 Transfers

2.1 You may transfer your entry to a friend or colleague.

2.2 Transfers can be made free of charge. See 2.3 for exceptions.

2.3 Your transfer must be completed by 9am, Friday 15 September, this is so that we have time to send out the bib number in time for race day. After this time, you must email to arrange your transfer and it will incur a £5 charge.

2.4 We will need the following information for your alternate:

          Your full name

         Full name of new runner


          Date of birth



          Contact number

          Running club (if applicable)

          Emergency contact (name)

          Emergency contact (number)

2.5 Your alternate must not run without having supplied us with the above personal details or wearing an official race number.

2.6 Please note that transferring your entry to somebody else without notifying us is irresponsible and dangerous, particularly in a medical emergency. Doing so can also lead to disqualification from future races.

2.8 If you have any further questions, or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Nice Work Team (

3.0 Refunds

3.1 We are unable to offer a refund on registration fees. If you are unable to participate in the event, and have raised sponsorship, we suggest that you let your sponsors know. Sponsorship can be offered back although any fees incurred to St Nicholas Hospice Care from online donation pages or equivalent will be deducted first.

4.0 Raising money

St Nicholas Hospice Care needs to raise at least £12,000 a day. The St Nicholas Hospice Care 10k run is a fundraising event, and as well as your entry fee, we ask that participants aim to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. Details of how to set up a JustGiving page, and a downloadable sponsorship form will be sent to you after your registration is confirmed. Any sponsorship raised offline (such as cash or cheques) and forms should be returned to us by Wednesday 31 January. Any sponsorship raised via Just Giving will be sent into us directly from your page. You are not permitted to use any of the sponsorship money raised to pay for your entry fee or any expenses. All sponsorship money must be given directly to St Nicholas Hospice Care.

5.0 Minimum age

As this event is affiliated to UK Athletics, and under guidelines, the minimum age is 15 years.

6.0 Race Cancellations

6.1 If the race is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will do our utmost to be reasonable. Last minute postponements, for instance, due to weather, are beyond our control.

6.2 On race day, if the weather is severe or forecast to become severe during the duration of the event, the race start time may change, the race may be postponed or the event may be cancelled.

6.3 If an event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will do our utmost to be reasonable. However, refunds cannot be offered. We will look to rearrange the event. If you are unable to attend the rearranged date, we will offer a deferral or transfer to a new runner. Details of referrals are listed above.

7.0 Gender inclusivity

7.1 We want everyone to feel included at the St Nicholas Hospice Care 10K Run, with this we want to offer a warm welcome, and ensure that the buzz of a super race-day is available to all. Whilst there are many different representations of gender identity, we have included a non-binary registration category to help welcome every single runner to the start line.

7.2 As the St Nicholas Hospice Care 10K run is UKA affiliated by Nice Work, unfortunately UKA regulations apply, and in turn governed by the World Athletics Organisation. This means we are restricted on how we are allowed to report your results.

7.3 These organisations currently only recognise a male or female racing category and so industry software is only capable of reporting your time under either a male/female category on the live results.

7.4 Until RunBritain and the Powerof10 (both of which are associated with our governing body) have uploaded the full results from our website, we must continue to list your time under a male or female category. If we were to alter the results listings to include your non-binary category, the software utilised by UKA to import race times, would reject the entire entry list and fail to import any results. Once the results have been captured, we are free to reload the results with the correct registration category of non-binary.

7.5 In turn, this means that we are restricted on how we are able to award prizes. As these organisations only recognise a male or female racing category, sadly, we are unable to award prizes to anyone racing under a non-binary registration.

7.6 We understand if you would like your name removed from the results entirely or check that your name will appear under the correct category once results have been officially imported, then please do email or speak the timer on race-day.

8.0 At the race

8.1 Please treat staff and volunteers considerately. We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our race-day team, other runners or spectators. Any such behaviour will result in being banned from future events.

8.2 Do listen and obey marshal instructions and signage; they are there to help guide you and keep you safe.

8.3 You are responsible for your own health & wellbeing; please do not run unless you are fit enough to do so as this can have serious consequences. Challenge First Aid will be in attendance at The St Nicholas Hospice Care 10K, so please do use them, if needed.

8.4 Under UKA rules, headphones are no longer permitted in events that take place on roads open to traffic and runners risk disqualification if spotted wearing headphones with the exception of bone conducting headphones.

8.5 If you drop out of the race please let either our timer, race director or a race official know. For health & safety reasons, we must know who is still out on the course and we would like to ensure that you have been given the proper care.

8.6 Please do not drop litter anywhere or at any point! Bin points will be provided.

8.7 Please do not urinate of defecate anywhere other than the toilets provided on race-day; if you are caught doing so then you will be banned from future events.

Nice Work Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view Nice Work’s Terms and Conditions.