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We’re All In This Together: Specialist Talk


January 26, 2021 7pm

How much?

Free to join, but any donations would be gratefully received

Ever wanted to find out more about photography, gardening, fitness, cooking or crafting?

At the Hospice, we have a wealth of supporters who know all sorts about a variety of different topics, and some of them have agreed to share their knowledge. Our specialist talks promise to be fun and informative, so please tune in.

Our second session takes place on Tuesday, 26 January, at 7pm through Zoom. Specialist talks do not require booking in advance and are free to attend, but if you wish to you can make a donation via our website by clicking here.

Live your life rather than be a spectator in everyone else’s

Join this talk given by Slimming World Consultant Donna Cooper.

    • She says: “Very few people come to me because they need educating on what is the healthiest options – they already know fresh fruit salad is going to be better for their waistline than chocolate fudge cake – so my role of being a Slimming World Consultant is to give people the encouragement to choose that fresh fruit salad and to help them to be kinder if they choose the chocolate fudge cake. When I found Slimming World in 1995 it was that non judgement approach (and the fact that I didn’t have to go hungry) that changed my thought process from weight loss being about a diet to adopting lifestyle changes that promoted good mental and physical health. Fix the head and the body usually follows!”
  • You can access the session by clicking here.
  • To enable you to join We’re All In This Together sessions you will need to have Zoom downloaded. The tool is free to download, and you can do so by clicking here. To save time on the day it might be a good idea to download in advance. When signing up it will ask for a work email address, please don’t worry just use the address you usually use.