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Call our 24/7 advice line for health care professionals and families if you need support with symptom management and end of life care - 01284 766133.

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Light up a Life: St Nicholas Hospice Care

Thank you for joining our special season of remembrance, Light up a Life, through which we celebrate the love, joy and happiness that those we miss brought into our lives.

To help protect our community we made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of our in-person Light up a Life events. We know how important these are, and hope our online services will bring comfort.

Below you will find our pre-recorded St Nicholas Hospice Care online service, as well as the order of service and the names of those who we remember.

During our services, the names of loved ones are spoken, accompanied by music and poetry.

We hope you will find comfort from watching this service in your own home with those close to you and are able to create a sense of togetherness as we celebrate and remember those who brought so much happiness and joy into our lives.

Download the Order of Service

The names of loved ones remembered


Neil Anthony

Pearl Gladys Aplin

Roger Bailey

Margaret Baynes

Clive Bray

Thelma Bray

George Brown

Dora Brown

Walter Brown

Stan Brown

Betty Brown

David Brown

Mark Brown

Charles Clark

Em Clark

Sydney “Gus” Clark

Arthur Coe

May Coe

Chris Coleman

Robert Cooper

Norman Critcher

Brenda Critcher


Ronald Dixon

Paul Eaves


John Edwards

Connie Garner

Edward Albert Green

Roy Hawes

George Hinchliffe

Ada Hinchliffe

Alan Hinchliffe

Edward “Ted” Hobbs

Ethel Hobbs

June & Brenda


Barnaby Kipling

Abbie Kipling

Ian Kipling

Jean Kipling

Leslie Kipling

Sybil Kipling

Mary Mayes

William Mayes

Margaret Meins

Julie Morse

Fred Palmer

Vi Palmer

Richard Peters

Derek Pettitt

Dulcie Pettitt

Mark Phillips


Julie Ann Ralf

Derek Ralf

Sarah Ridge

Ellen Rockall

Richard Rockall

Roger Rockall

Catherine Rolfe

Jack Rowe

Betty Rowe

Stephen Ruddock

Avril Ruddock

Raymond Ruddock

Diana Christine Sharp

Trudy Stobbart


Paul Taylor

Louise Teeder

Kim Todd

Jim Tulloch

Doreen Tulloch

Jennifer Tuttlebury

Alan Vallance

Doreen Vallance

Charles Walton

Ellen Walton

Michael Waskett

Len Way

Online Book of Remembrance

We hope that you will find this book a special place to share memories and remember loved ones.

View the Book of Remembrance