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Light up a Life: Sudbury

Thank you for joining our special season of remembrance, Light up a Life, through which we celebrate the love, joy and happiness that those we miss brought into our lives.

Below you will find a pre-recorded virtual service for the Sudbury community, as well as the order of service and the names of those who we remember.

During our services, the names of loved ones are spoken, accompanied by music, poetry and readings from the communities in which the services would, in previous years, have taken place.​

We hope you will be able to watch this service in your own home alongside those close to you, recreating the warm yet reflective atmosphere of the more traditional event.

Download the Order of Service

The names of loved ones remembered during the Sudbury service


Patricia Andrews

Matt Austin

Monica Janet Balls

Sally Barrett

Beale family & friends

Geoffrey Beckett

Evelyn Jean Bianchi

Derek Bixby

Bleksley family and friends

Fred Bright

Ray Buffey

Sharon Butters

Ashley Chaplin

Janet Clayton

Brian Albert Cooper

Diane Sheila Cooper

David Cudd

Teresa Dossett

Philip Duff

Reg Evans

Lee Fairman

John Ford

B G Furnell

Allan Glover

Sarah Louise Goodby

John Gurling


Len Head

Tristan Head

Julie Kate Heywood

Jim Honney

Nellie Honney

Marjorie Hosford

Ian Kramer

Natalie Jean Lefley

Alison Morgan

Linda Murrell


George Palmer

Rose Palmer

Brian Payne

Raymond Peevor

Gary Pike

Fred Pilgrim

Rosemary Anne Rosier

Vivienne Ruse

Deborah Ruse

Oliver Ruse

Rosemary Sandford

Robert Sayers

Greta Rose Sayers

Butters Sharon

Christopher J Shewring

Bella Silverlock

Arthur Silverlock

John Slater

Peter Sidney Smith

Susan Jennifer Smith

Joyce Taggart

Eric Gordon Taylor

John Temlett

Hay Temlett

Colin Michael Thurlow

Nicola Tucker


Trevor Wakefield

Martin Walker

Michael Waskett

John Whiteman

Brian Withnell

Frederick Witt

Victor John Wooldridge

Jean Wynes

Reg Wynes

If you have shared your loved one’s name with us between Tuesday, 8 December and Tuesday, 22 December, we will publish a short video of remembrance on the Hospice’s website on 23 December.

If you have any questions about our online Light up a Life events, or if you feel your loved one’s name has been missed, please contact

Online Book of Remembrance

We hope that you will find this book a special place to share memories and remember loved ones.

View the online book