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Light up a Life: Bury St Edmunds

Thank you for joining our special season of remembrance, Light up a Life, through which we celebrate the love, joy and happiness that those we miss brought into our lives.

Below you will find a pre-recorded virtual service for the Bury St Edmunds community, as well as the order of service and the names of those who we remember.

During our services, the names of loved ones are spoken, accompanied by music, poetry and readings from the communities in which the services would, in previous years, have taken place.​

We hope you will be able to watch this service in your own home alongside those close to you, recreating the warm yet reflective atmosphere of the more traditional event.

Download the Order of Service

The names of loved ones remembered during the Bury St Edmunds service


Ronnie Aitken

Ernie Andrews

Kathryn Auty

Terrance Banks

Joan Barker

John Barker

Joan Barrick

John ‘Birchy’ Birch

Jack Bishop

The Blackman Family

Kay Diane Blake

Peter Granville Blakey

Heather Bridges

John Brown

Robert Michael (Mick) Brown

Tony Brown

Ray Buffey

June Burrows

Frank Cahill

Valmond Cahill

Enid Janet Chaplin

Vernon Clarke

Virginia Rosemary Cole

Paula Colledge

The Colley Family

Tony Collins

John Colman

Josephine Cook

Nigel Paul Cooper

Reggie Copping

Donald Cordwell

Angela Rose Cox

Audrey Craig

Peter Craig

Joan Crawford

Brenda Critcher

Brian Crowder

Sheila Curson

Keith Darling

Barbara Dawson

Geoff Denton

Cynthia Diane

Peter Dove

Arthur Dunn

Paul Eaves

Iris Elaine Edwards

Peter John Eldrett

John Arthur Emms

David Evans

David John Evans

Edna Evans

Jenny Faiers

Marilyn Faiers

Pauline Fayers

Brenda Flatman

Ronald Flatman

David Flewitt

Susan Forbes

Barry David Foxwell

Rosalyn Ann Foxwell

Nigel Frear

Clifford Frewer

Joseph Fsandi

Mrs Olive Gardiner

Roger William Gillett

Edward Glazebrook

Sarah Louise Goodby

John Grant

Philip Greenwood

David Patrick Griffiths

Cheryl Heather Gurnett

Stuart Gutsell


Diana Hampton

Elizabeth Hardy

Brian Harrison

Roy Hawes

Bryan Hearne

Jean Patricia Hill

George Hogan

Susan Hogan

Alfred Horsfall

Bruce Howard

Arthur Howden

David Howden

Isobel Howden

Daphne Hubbard

Ken Hubbard

Julia Hunt

Tony Hunt

Betty Hyland

Rosaline Jack

Walter Jack

Piers Jones

Robert Jones

John William Joynson

Linda Kenneally

Derek Kimnell

Anthony King

Christopher King

Hilda King

Tony King

Betty Kirk

Jack Kirk

Neil Kirkham

Danny Knightson

Tim Kyle

Maurice Leggett

Phyllis Leggett

Doris Litanzios

Ernest Frederick Lumley

Muriel Lynn

William Lynn

Dorothy Lysley

Colin Marchant

Sheila Martin

Gary Jonathan Marwood

Linda McFogan

Peter McGulgan

Muriel Medcalf

Robert Medcalf

Margaret Meins

Patricia Mellor

Rosemary Miller

Norina Montanari

Richard Munns

Gillian Munro

Michael Martin Murray

David Newman

Dennis Newton

Peggy Newton

Sydney Frank Nicholls

Bob Norman


Jim O’Keeffe

Iris Orchard

Thelma Rose Palfrey

Geraldine Parker

Chris Pearce

Jan Pearce

Susan Perceval

Alistair ‘Al’ Pettitt

Dulcie and Derek Pettitt

Peter Pettitt

Ron Podbury

David Powles

Albert Prouse

Yvonne Quantrill

Eric Randall

Dorita Rickwood

Anthony Rivett

Darren Roberts

Lionel Eric Robinson

Betty Rowe

Jack Rowe

Avril and Raymond Ruddock

Daphne Ruddock

Jim Ruddock

Mark Ruddock

Michael Scott Ruddock

Stephen Raymond Ruddock

Dick Rutherford

Derek Rutter

Ronald Salt

Lynn Sanders

Bernard Saunders

Mark Savin

Iris Sawyer

Gladys Scates

John Schofield

Maxine Searle

Victor Edward Shaw

Mary Shaw-Brown

Peter Skinner

Elizabeth Slaney

Geoffrey Slater

Margaret Slater

Jackie Smith

Martin Charles Smith

Rose Spear

Jack Stannard

Kathleen Stannard

Mollie Steed

Howard Thomas Steel

Brian and Joan Stuchbury

Timothy Sutcliff

Adrian Swallow

Molly Tabram

Sherrill Tarczynski

Jean May Taylor

Paul Taylor

Sharon Ann Thompson

Pam Thorndike

Katie Tingay

Margaret Tinkler

May Tooke

Ron Tooke

Vera Tooke

Doreen Tulloch

James Tulloch

Betty Twelvetree


Kitty Veal

Raymond George Veal

Harry Venni

Mary Venni

Philip Vignoles

Mr H Webb

Mrs S Webb

Pauline Weeks

Ian Jonathan Welton

Coney Weston

Brenda White

Bernadine White

John White

Peter John Whitmore

Roger Wickham

Jean Wickman

Elisa Kegozzi Wideman

Amanda Mandy Wilding

Raymond Woodhouse

Elsie Woricker

Maurice Woricker

Jayne Marie Worley

Vernon Wyndham

Elsie York

The names of those remembered outside of the service area


Susan Bailey

Peter Granville Blakey

Stanley Cable

Henry James Christopher Clark

Doris Daniels

David Allan Eames

Alfred Charles William Greengrass

David Griffiths


Ray Longbottom


Brian Racher

Edith Joan Russell

Mary Shaw-Brown

Vera Sims


Peter John Whitmore

Denys Wilkinson

If you have shared your loved one’s name with us between Tuesday, 8 December and Tuesday, 22 December, we will publish a short video of remembrance on the Hospice’s website on 23 December.

If you have any questions about our online Light up a Life events, or if you feel your loved one’s name has been missed, please contact

Online Book of Remembrance

We hope that you will find this book a special place to share memories and remember loved ones.

View the online book for Bury St Edmunds

View the online book for out of area