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Enter the St Nicholas Hospice Care Summer Raffle

The Summer Raffle has now been drawn. Thank you to everyone who took part. All winners will be notified and sent their winning cheques within the next 14 days.

Winning ticket numbers
£2,000 – 691764
£500 – 728134
£100 – 750509
£100 – 637251
£100 – 715599
£100 – 649306
£100 – 675465


“I was allowed to be a daughter, and we will all do everything we can to give other families the chance we had.”
At St Nicholas Hospice Care, we are incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful supporters who give to the Hospice in a variety of ways.
Our supporters choose to volunteer their time, attend fundraising events and buy and donate to our shops. We also have supporters that kindly choose to donate financially.
Through the generosity of our community, we continue to reach the growing number of people living with dying, death and grief. We are constantly amazed by the effort and energy that our supporters give in order to keep the Hospice running.
For some supporters, this has become a family affair. With the support of friends, family, and local businesses, Denise, Todd, Alex and Bethany Unsworth, along with Albert Vogeler, are spurred on to raise funds in memory of a very special Mum, Wife and Nan, Mary Vogeler.
Mary spent 15 days at the Hospice before her death in 2015. Since then the family’s passion for the charity has seen them come together to host four successful black-tie balls.
While Denise and Bethany have donned flashing bunny ears to take part in Girls Night Out, Alex has conquered the Great Wall of China Trek and competed in the Hospice’s Battle of the Knights event. Todd has also supported us by completing a skydive. Albert also supports us by sharing stories of his life with local groups, which has led to donations too.
Denise explains: “My mum was a queen to all of us and when she was at the hospice she was treated like a queen, she was treated like royalty, that’s the only way I can describe it.
“Despite everything that was going on, the hospice allowed mum to be herself in the most dignified way. She had a spa bath, champagne and we brought in fish and chips. The care she had was amazing and I don’t think she would have got that anywhere else.”
Mary’s grandson Alex added: “Nan’s time at the hospice meant that as a family we were given fleeting glimpses of what it felt like to be a normal family. We could laugh and, just for a moment, we could forget. I don’t think that would have been possible anywhere else.
“The hospice is such a beautiful place. We were able to have the special time we needed as a family, and the quality time with Nan that we wanted.”
The family’s efforts have raised around £15,000 so far, and the family are more determined than ever to keep up their efforts.
“Because of the hospice I was allowed to be a daughter, and we will all do everything we can to give other families the chance we had, the chance to be together and the chance to be a family. We want everyone to have the same experiences we did, and that’s why we keep fundraising for the hospice,” added Denise.
Today we are asking you to support our raffle so we can support more families like the Unsworths in the years to come.
However you choose to support the Hospice, thank you for being part of our wonderful community who walk, skydive, talk, volunteer or support appeals such as this. We couldn’t do it without you.

Join us for our ticketless draw, as we wanted to reduce:

How to play

1. Complete the form below, notifying us of how many chances you’d like to enter – £2 per chance.
2. The closing date for entries is 26 September 2019. The draw date is 30 September 2019.


1st  £2,000

2nd  £500

3rd – 7th  £100 each

Terms and conditions

To view the raffle terms and conditions, please click here.